August 27, 1982, forty years ago: World Bank report


According to the World Bank’s annual report, India’s investment program will depend more on external resources in the 1980s than in the 1970s due to the likelihood of persistent current account deficits in the years to come. The report adds, “With the decline in concessional aid flows, the task of adjusting India’s external position has become both more complicated and more urgent.”

Assam talks about progress

A new element has been introduced into the Assam talks with the suggestion that the delicate issue of detecting foreigners should be left to quasi-judicial courts operating at the assembly constituency level. This formula, which aims to decouple the process of detecting extraterrestrials from government agencies, was mentioned by Janata MP Ravindra Varma. The government spokesperson and student leaders in Assam have kept a stone’s throw from the formula.

black silver

For the first time, the government has decided to encrypt the black money in circulation. He asked the Delhi-based National Institute of Public Finance and Policy to take over the study. The institute will not only study the scale and growth of the threat, but will also study the causes behind the generation of black money.

Bhindranwale flees

Sant Jarnail Singh Bhindranwale, who was accused by Punjab Chief Minister Darbara Singh of plotting to kill him, left Guru Nanak Niwas at the premises of the Golden Temple where he was staying after the arrest of his close associate, Amrik Singh.


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