BJP to seek legal avenue for independent investigation into Bernard Marak case, demand suspension of Iangrai


The Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) decided on Wednesday to explore the legal route to demand an independent investigation into the arrest of its Deputy State Chairman and Tura MDC Bernard N Marak.

Meanwhile, the party also called on the state government to immediately suspend Deputy Inspector General of Police (A) GK Iangrai for his alleged involvement in the misuse of 29 vehicles and pave the way to a CBI investigation into the matter.

In a statement, BJP leader and member of the state executive, Pawan Sharma, criticized the government for the way Bernard Marak’s case was handled.

“As reported in the media, the action of the police officers who forced the women to label themselves as sex workers is very disturbing,” he said.

Alleging that political vendetta seems the most likely motive with the blatant use of the state apparatus to achieve it, Sharma said: “With no options left, we will explore the legal route to request an investigation. independent.

“As stated by the SP, only one media house was allowed access to the area cordoned off by the police and this media house is run by a close relative of the Chief Minister, says a lot about his direct involvement in the case and the biased approach,” he alleged.

On the other hand, Sharma said that GK Iangrai’s alleged corruption in the police department has hit the people of Meghalaya hard and they have lost all faith in the government.

“A CBI investigation should be initiated at the earliest to look into the charges, because how can the police department itself investigate such a significant charge. The government, if it has any morality left, should immediately suspend GK Langrai,” he said.

The BJP leader said, however, that in Bernard’s case, he had filed new lawsuits to strangle his political career.

Stating that it was interesting for the party to see the press releases issued by the West Garo Hills SP, Sharma said that the SP blames Bernard for the price hike while forgetting that there are many factors that lead to the increase in essential products.

“It seems that the directives clearly come from the superiors of the hierarchy of the State”, he alleged while adding “On the one hand, the bank account of Bernard and his wife was frozen while GK Iangrai roams freely and has been authorized to manage the elite SF 10 force.”

“Such blatant abuse of power has become the norm in this current government and corruption is an integral part of its governance,” he added.

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