Buhari expected to approve CIFIPN bill to fight corruption and cybercrime – Conseil du Nord


The Northern Nigeria Youth Council urged President Muhammadu Buhari to give assent to the Forensic Investigations Bill to establish the Chartered Institute of Forensic and Investigation Professionals of Nigeria, a professional body in Nigeria adopted by the National Assembly to improve the productivity of the country.

According to a statement signed by NYCN President Isah Abubakar, the group said the story was written by current federal lawmakers making sure the bill had legal backing.

Abubakar praised the efforts of lawmakers in their haste to ensure transparency and accountability through the passage of the Forensic Investigations Bill to improve a strong public service.

He described the decision as a patriotic and straightforward response aimed at containing the corruption, fraud, cybercrime that had also plagued the Nigerian system, at a time when the current administration’s fight against endemic corruption is unwavering.

In doing so, the Youth Council praised the courage of lawmakers in the continued protection of basic duties and their willingness to continue to play complementary roles in support of good governance in Nigeria through strong forensic legislation.

“The NYCN joined the new body and other well-meaning Nigerians in deeply appreciating the desire of the National Assembly to discharge its statutory functions without any form of delay.

“The approval of the President will play a more important role in his efforts to rationalize the public service, the activities and to put down the complementary efforts of the private sector,” the statement said.

Abubakar added that by the law creating the new body, the stage is now set to bring the country back to glorious days when probity and responsibility would be the watchword while merit would be the guiding principle as the new body is about to exhume and clean up. all sectors of the economy.


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