Coalition chairman Silman receives death threats


Coalition chairwoman Idit Silman and her family have been receiving threats by phone and text for several days, her office said on Sunday. The Knesset security officer and the Israeli police have been alerted. intentional attacks by members of the opposition, ”Silman said. Among the threats sent to Silman were statements such as “you need to know what it feels like to be a bereaved mother” and “you need one of your children to die in a terrorist attack.” “Speaking to social media, Foreign Minister Yair Lapid called the death threats against Silman a red line and called on members of the opposition to condemn them.” The disagreements between the opposition and coalition make sense and are acceptable, “he added. tweeted, adding that” Texting on his cell phone, however, is a dangerous criminal offense. “Silman, along with fellow MP Yamina Nir Orbach, said received additional security as a result of threats made against them a near the formation of the coalition.


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