A loan for soldiers without Credit Bureau can certainly become an issue. Anyone who decides on a career with the German Armed Forces usually does so in a targeted manner. But despite a secure job and a good pay it is not always easy to cover the costs for the private sector on your own.

Special job status

Special job status

As a soldier you enjoy a special professional status. You are a public servant and can be sure of a particularly secure employment relationship. For many banks a reason to submit particularly favorable credit offers. However, these favorable offers are submitted only if the soldier has committed himself to the Bundeswehr for a fixed period of time.

The repayment of the loan must take place within the period of the commitment. No one can predict exactly whether the commitment will be extended. The soldier can decide that freely. For a loan for soldiers without Credit Bureau, it is therefore important to know exactly what loan amount and what term are needed, so that this can be compared with the period of commitment at the federal government exactly.

Why without Credit Bureau

Why without Credit Bureau

However, there is an obstacle to a loan for soldiers without Shufa, which should not be ignored. The negative Credit Bureau. It ensures that the soldier despite his employment in the state has a bad credit rating. For the Credit Bureau points to debts that the soldier can not pay.

For most banks this means that they assume a high risk of repayment default and thus refrain from lending. It does not matter how the negative Credit Bureau was created and how high the sum of the debt is.

It is much more important for the soldier to make up for this blemish so that a suitable loan can be found for soldiers without Credit Bureau.

Credit for soldiers without Credit Bureau – no easy task

Credit for soldiers without Credit Bureau - no easy task

The task is therefore to balance the Credit Bureau as well as possible in the first step. With a solvent sponsor this is easily possible. A person who has no negative Credit Bureau can accompany and facilitate the borrowing of the soldier. If you succeed in recruiting a guarantor, the loan can be requested from any bank.

Since the selection is quite large, we recommend for the search our loan calculator, which limits the offer and so facilitates searchers the choice.

Our tip:

Loans without Credit Bureau, as we know them from abroad or from loan portals, will probably not work for a loan for soldiers without Credit Bureau. Although a permanent job is available.

However, the borrower can be transferred while working or to foreign assignments. That does not like the lenders abroad and the loan portals too much, so that the loan application is sometimes rejected.

Credit for soldiers without Credit Bureau – that should be considered

Credit for soldiers without Credit Bureau - that should be considered

The occupation of the soldier is a profession full of dangers. Even if foreign missions do not have to be completed permanently.

In general, a loan for soldiers without Credit Bureau for these and the reasons already mentioned should only be taken if it is really needed. The cost of such a loan is higher than with regular loan offers unless you work with a guarantor.

In addition, the repayment of foreign missions can hardly be monitored, because you can not quickly get the account statements at the bank. It is therefore important that the supervision of payments can always be ensured by other persons.

Furthermore, it can sometimes make sense, because first request credit directly to the Bundeswehr. Small loans for very important purchases are given there interest-free and without the examination of Credit Bureau.

However, only if information on the purchase is made and this is really important.

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