Doc Adam will stop vlogging after 4 years


Doc Adam from the YouTube video
Dr. Adam Smith or “Doc Adam” in this screenshot from his farewell video message on October 30, 2021. (Screenshot from YouTube / Doc Adam)

Filipino Talking Australian Vlogger Doctor Adam smith Where “Doctor Adam”Permanently disconnects from YouTube as he and his wife decide to take a“ different direction in life ”after his content creation.

Famous medical vlogger said he faces a lawsuit brought against him by a Filipino doctor Farrah Bunch-Agustin in Australia, which caused him to miss “many days of work”. It has also caused him to spend so far over AU $ 200,000 (estimated at P7,573,402).

(Australian $ 1 = PHP 37.87)

Doc Adam has been providing health and medical advice to Filipinos through videos since 2017 with the help of his wife Pinoy, KC.

At the time of writing, his YouTube account has nearly 2 million subscribers.

When Doc Adam’s content shifted to giving opinions and stating facts about products endorsed by celebrities, politicians, corporations, he said “some people got very angry, very quickly.”

“We realized that there are so many celebrities, politicians, companies, products and services giving out incredibly misleading health information for all products. Worse yet, millions of people actually listen to this stuff, ”Doc Adam said in a Facebook post.

“People use vitamins to fight cancer. They use oils to fight heart failure. So I started giving my take on some of these things – things promoted by politicians, celebrities, and big influencers. Things like weight loss coffee, a face mask with a hole, cancer oils and cancer vitamins, ”the doctor added.

As a result, Doc Adam said he has started receiving ad hominem attacks online. He has also received legal threats and letters accusing him of computer defamation, which is a criminal offense in the Philippines.

Doc Adam has previously faced raps filed by Agustin-Bunch and a weight loss brand. The incidents prompted him to temporarily quit YouTube previously.

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“Dahil sa lahat nang naranasan ko… KC and I talked and we decided to stop YouYube. After much discussion, we decided that we wanted to take a different direction in life. We are getting married next year and we plan to travel to northern Australia and work with the underprivileged communities there, ”said Doc Adam.

He also challenged government agencies across the country like the health department and the Food and drug administration The Philippines will crack down on people and entities making “dangerous health claims” in its farewell message.

“If companies say you can cure cancer with vitamin D, you have to empower them! Said Doc Adam.

He called Agustin-Bunch again, who he said continually gave “dangerous advice online.” Doc Adam said his products “continue to be distributed” despite warnings from the FDA.

In December of last year, some Agustin-Bunch products were found to be unregistered by the local regulator.

A month later, the Filipino doctor said on a Facebook post that doctors who share their opinions “should also be willing to share the science and evidence” behind it and “in a way that is easily understood.”

Doc Adam concluded his farewell message by thanking his supporters who donated funds for his trial and for consistently hanging out on his channel.

“It was a great, wonderful and fun trip with all of you. Four years. Hanggang dito na lang, ”he said.

Doc Adam also uploaded a video version of his farewell message to YouTube where he urged his supporters to “refrain from making hateful comments” and to “comment responsibly”.


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