Family of Bethesda woman killed while cycling to raise money for bike safety


The family of the woman killed while cycling home from her son’s elementary school in Bethesda on August 25 have set up a GoFundMe page to raise funds to increase bike safety.

“I created this account with an ambitious goal of $50,000 to help organizations that are already working on bike safety. I am doing this because I am furious over Sarah’s death and am personally committed to ensuring that our mission to increase bicycle safety is achieved,” her husband, Daniel, wrote.

Monday afternoon, over $43,000 was raised.

Sarah Langenkamp, ​​42, was a mother of two young boys and a diplomat in the US State Department for 17 years. According to her husband, the family recently moved to Bethesda after being evacuated from Ukraine. There, Sarah Langenkamp was in charge of aid programs for the country’s anti-corruption institutions.

On the day she was killed, Langenkamp had planned her biking route on her cell phone and was riding designated bike routes around the Washington-Bethesda Capitol Crescent Trail. A small part of his route was on River Road.

Police said Langenkamp and the driver of a red 2014 Volvo D3 flatbed truck were traveling east on River Road. Langenkamp was in the bike lane when the driver of the Volvo turned right into a parking lot at 5244 River Road and hit Langenkamp, ​​knocking her over, police said.

According to her husband, his wife has cycled everywhere she works, including Ukraine, Ivory Coast and America.

“Sarah didn’t need to show the world that she was a successful professional, diplomat, leader, and role model. Her grace, intelligence, kindness, and deep commitment to advancing American interests around the world stood out. are manifested in her work and actions. To carry out this important mission, Sarah rode her bike — almost every day. Daniel Langenkamp wrote on the GoFundMe page.

Daniel Langenkamp plans to use the funds raised “to work with local and national cycling safety organizations to advocate for safer cycling routes, including this particular stretch of road”.

Communities “need to do more than paint lines and bicycle symbols on the roads. Such bike lanes – devoid of proper barriers, truck/car driver education, laws and law enforcement – ​​are nothing but death traps, luring innocent victims like Sarah to them. They result in tragic deaths that leave children without parents and the world without its most talented and committed individuals. Cities shouldn’t brag about having ‘bike lanes’ when bikers are needlessly and repeatedly killed there, as has been the case this year,” Daniel Langenkamp wrote.

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