Hull police share tips for celebrating July 4th safely



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Use of fireworks is illegal in Massachusetts

HULL – Chief John E. Dunn and the Hull Police Department wish to share an important reminder of several important safety tips as residents prepare to celebrate Independence Day at home and at the beach.

Fireworks of all kinds, including Class C fireworks – which are sometimes mistakenly called “safe and sane fireworks” – are illegal use, own or sell in Massachusetts. Residents should also note that open burning is only legal in the state between January 15 and May 1.

The Hull Police Department will take enhanced measures, including stricter enforcement of beach parking regulations, to ensure that the ban on bonfires during the summer months is strictly enforced and that bonfires are observed during the summer months. ‘artifice are not used at any time.

“As with all vacations, we want our residents to have fun and enjoy time spent with family and friends,” said Chief Dunn. “However, it is our top priority and concern that all residents, regardless of age, celebrate safely and responsibly. To ensure everyone’s safety, we ask residents to refrain from using illegal fireworks, lighting bonfires, and driving while impaired.

Below is some basic information about the Massachusetts fireworks law:

What is prohibited by law?

Private citizens cannot use, own, or sell fireworks anywhere in Massachusetts, nor legally purchase them elsewhere and transport them to Massachusetts. The law prohibits any object designed to produce a visible or audible effect. Class C fireworks, which are also illegal in Massachusetts, include sparklers, poppers, snappers, firecrackers, spinners, cherry bombs, and more.

What are the sanctions ?

A fine of up to $ 100 and mandatory confiscation of fireworks, which cannot be returned.

Is there a danger associated with fireworks?

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, misuse of fireworks can cause death and injury, including severe burns, bruises, lacerations, eye injuries, etc.

Illegal fireworks can also cause property damage, in addition to injury or death. If a fire or explosion caused by legal or illegal fireworks causes injury or damage, the responsible person could be charged with a criminal offense.

Additionally, the Hull Police Department reminds residents to take note of these key safety tips during the July 4th celebrations:

  • Do not drive under the influence of drugs or alcohol
  • Watch out for pedestrians
  • Only attend organized and authorized fireworks
  • Report illegal fires to the police
  • Remember: alcohol / drugs and fireworks don’t mix
  • Keep animals indoors

The Hull Police Department also urges residents to heed the following advice from the National Road Safety Administration to get home safely after the 4th of July celebrations:

  • Even if you’ve only had one alcoholic drink, don’t plan to drive
  • Designate a sober driver or use public transport or a carpooling service to get home safely
  • Remove the keys from people who are intoxicated and plan to drive. Alcohol and drugs can affect perception, judgment, motor skills and memory, which are essential for safe and responsible driving
  • If you see an impaired driver on the road, call 911

For more information on fireworks, Click here. To learn more about general summer safety tips, Click here.




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