Jacob Zuma foundation condemns ’emotional and angry’ South African court over prison sentence, World News


Former South African President Jacob Zuma’s foundation said the majority decision of South Africa’s highest court, sentencing Jacob Zuma to 15 months in prison, was an “emotional and angry” unconstitutional decision.

The former president’s foundation issued a strong statement on Wednesday denouncing Judge Kampepe’s ruling as “judicially emotional and angry and not in accordance” with the constitution.

He also said that Zuma “never believed that he was above the law or the constitution and he always insisted that he should be treated like any other citizen, and that his rights to equal protection of laws must be respected and protected “.

The foundation also said it is still studying the judgment and talking to lawyers for legal advice on the options available to their boss, Jacob Zuma. He did not say whether or not the former president would surrender to the police, however.

In addition, the foundation accuses the Constitutional Court of not acting in an independent and one-sided manner.

“At a bare minimum … the courts must act independently and impartially, with unwavering loyalty to the law, and must be seen to do so. This did not happen in the Constitutional Court,” the statement said.

“Finally, the principle of equality before the law has been clearly violated and the Zondo Commission has enjoyed an advantage in a case tried by the colleagues of Deputy Chief Justice Raymond Zondo, whom he supervises,” added the foundation. .

On Tuesday, Judge Kampepe, in her ruling, gave the former president five days to surrender to Nkandla police. It remains to be seen whether he will comply with the order.

Zuma did not appear in a corruption investigation led by Deputy Chief Justice Raymond Zondo in February, prompting lawyers for the investigation to ask the Constitutional Court to seek an order of his imprisonment.


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