Joint Statement of the U.S.-Ecuador Expanded Bilateral Political Dialogue


The text of the following declaration has been issued by the Governments of the United States of America and the Republic of Ecuador.

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Ecuador and the United States of America conducted an expanded bilateral political dialogue at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Human Mobility in Quito on November 16, 2022. Victoria Nuland, Under Secretary for Political Affairs, U.S. Department of State , met with President Guillermo Lasso and Foreign Minister Juan Carlos Holguín to discuss priorities in bilateral relations and on the international agenda, reaffirming US support for democracy in Ecuador.

The United States and Ecuador have a strong and strategic relationship based on shared goals and values ​​related to democracy, security, human rights, anti-corruption, climate change, and economic prosperity. The countries discussed mutual goals to advance a positive global agenda during Ecuador’s non-permanent term on the UN Security Council starting in 2023. Ecuador presented its goals for the Alliance for the development in democracy, which he joined at the Summit of the Americas in Los Angeles. in June 2022.

Each delegation stressed the urgent need to fight international organized crime, to cooperate in counter-narcotics operations and to increase security in the region. Minister Holguín expressed his gratitude for the United States’ rejection of the recent violent attacks in Ecuador, saying it was a reaction to the security measures adopted by the Ecuadorian government. The United States recognized Ecuador’s achievements in drug interdiction and destruction and pledged to continue supporting the United States. Dialogue participants pledged to strengthen cooperation to counter malicious actors and enhance citizen security through defense and security partnership.

Recognizing the close link between security and development, the two delegations discussed initiatives in favor of vulnerable populations, particularly in the northern border provinces of Ecuador. The United States will continue to support Ecuador’s policies that facilitate migrants’ access to basic services, including health and education. Countries discussed potential new programs to reduce chronic child malnutrition among vulnerable populations in Ecuador.

Ecuador and the United States stressed the need for migration policies that promote safe, orderly, and regular migration while maintaining border security. The United States commended Ecuador for its process of regularization and inclusion of Venezuelan migrants residing in Ecuador.

The United States delegation thanked Ecuador for the warm welcome and attention extended to it during its visit to Ecuador and underscored the successful organization of the expanded bilateral political dialogue.

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