Letter to the Editor: Cavanaugh Corruption – San Tan Valley News & Info

As if news of Supervisor Cavanaugh’s alleged unauthorized break-in to the Coolidge Elections Office weren’t enough, now comes news of what appears to be the most bloated budget ever incurred by a Pinal County supervisor. This, from a guy who signed his incendiary 2021 Politrak blog with the words “Protecting Individual Rights – Kevin Cavanaugh”. His budget numbers show that he is absolutely protecting his individual interests off the backs of Pinal County taxpayers. He arrogantly declares that “HR needs to catch up” – to him!
At board meetings, he says “where there’s smoke, there’s fire” and misuses the phrase “failure analysis”.

Let’s do all three when it comes to Mr. Cavanaugh, shall we? A self-proclaimed software-turned-supervisor, supposedly gone crazy in the ceiling of an election office for a weekend. Let law enforcement “catch” him. Hiring a lawyer for his personal office staff with a terribly exaggerated job title. Expand its district staff nearly 3 times. Spending over half a million dollars with no discernible benefit to anyone except perhaps himself and his bragging rights at cocktail parties. Remember, this is the same guy who insisted that we turn down needed vaccine subsidies especially for the poor and elderly in our county. I say we also have County Finance and Legal Affairs to “catch up”.

Mr. Kevin Cavanaugh, who sued our own sheriff and lawmaker with an overheated House ethics complaint regarding his collection of a $235 donation. Over the past year, he must have grabbed the headlines with repeated calls for ethics committees and audits, when the very person whose ethics and finances we should all be scrutinizing is right under our noses. Mr Cavanaugh abused his sleight of hand to make the county prosecutor look at others and apparently not him. You bet a “failure analysis” is necessary. It’s high time the law-abiding citizens of Pinal County “catch up” with Kevin Cavanaugh. His, seems to be the very definition of corruption. Corruption of Cavanaugh.

Written and Submitted by M. M. Lynch – Unincorporated Pinal County


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