Letter to the editor: When it comes to secret documents, classified means classified


As someone who has worked in the defense industry for his entire career, I agree that the bringing of documents marked “secret” and “top secret” by former President Trump to his personal residence is at best a serious violation of the protocol for handling these documents and at worst a criminal offence.

Disclosure of any information at these classification levels to our nation’s adversaries, especially defense-related material, borders on treason.

Anyone with classified clearance must turn over all classified documents to an authorized security person at their place of work upon completion of their job. I could not leave my last job, before my retirement, without having fully accounted for all the secure documents that were listed as being in my possession. Failure to do so would probably mean that I would never receive classified clearance again.

The cavalier attitude displayed by former President Trump towards the handling of classified documents at these levels should, in itself, be a disqualifying event for holding political office where such documents are routinely handled. If Republicans are still serious about being the party of strong national defense, I hope they would see that a nomination of Donald J. Trump by their party for president in 2024 would be a rank obscenity.

Samuel Rosenthal

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