Malawi: Activist Kalindo backs probe and removal of Chizuma audio leaks


Comedian-turned-political activist Bon Kalindo who issued a seven-day ultimatum to President Lazarus Chakwera to fire Anti-Corruption Bureau (ACB) Chief Executive Martha Chizuma has backed Mzuzu Magistrate’s Court petitioner Frighton Phombo , because of a leaked audio clip.

Kalindo has threatened nationwide protests if Chakwera does not fire Chizuma.

“We know that President Chakwera is weak and very indecisive when it comes to border corruption. We saw it with the Covid 19 funds which were widely abused. We saw it with the cabinet reshuffle and we see it again with Martha Chizuma.

“Chizuma unfortunately has no respect for the president, she is compromising our sovereignty and national security by collaborating with the imperialists who still want to rule and control us with the help of traitors.

“That’s why any Malawian of good will, including myself, is supporting the case in the Mzuzu court,” Kalindo said.

Kalindo in his audio clip accuses Chakwera and Vice President Saulos Chilima of failing to uphold the rule of law, particularly on the issue of the ACB director whose leaked audio was sanctioned to be the subject of investigation by a court.

“Some people think that when we do that, we are against the [ACB] the director’s quest to fight corruption but no, this question isn’t about corruption, it’s about integrity and breaking the oath of secrecy.

“Chizuma is not untouchable, she is there to protect the law and if the court has given the green light for investigations into the audio to begin, then if she is a person of integrity, she should step aside to allow the due legal process to take place,” Kalindo said.

Chizuma reportedly works with Britain’s National Crimes Agency (NCA) to share state security and intelligence matters without permission from the Attorney General’s office.

In her own judgment, she assisted British spies and investigators in Malawi with data collection, intelligence surveillance and the interrogation of businessman Ashok Nair.

Kalindo said people shouldn’t misrepresent the question to say Chizuma is being targeted, but said it was necessary to look at the integrity of the incumbent.

On April 7, Mzuzu Magistrate Court Godfrey Gondwe ordered that within 90 days, the Malawi Police Service and Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) must provide the Court with a report on the audio leak involving Chizuma who allegedly violated the Corrupt Practices Act. (CPA) by disclosing to a third party information about a matter the office was investigating.


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