MHB Colony police book 2 for tricking woman out of Rs 8.50 lakh under pretense of doing black magic in Borivali


MHB Colony Police have registered a criminal offense against two self-proclaimed gods for allegedly deceiving a housewife to the tune of Rs 8.50 lakh under the guise of warding off evil spirits from the victim’s home by performing acts of magic black.

Police say the complainant in the case is a 50-year-old woman from IC Colony in Borivali. According to the FIR, the victim had suffered from a sleep disorder for several years.

In February 2020, the victim’s husband, while browsing the internet for some astrologers, came across the number of one of the defendants. Said defendant, who claimed to be a man-god, asked the couple to send their photographs to his mobile phone.

After the couple sent in their photographs, the defendant told them that they were surrounded by evil spirits and that he would send his disciple to the victim’s home to ward off the evil spirits, the plaintiff claimed in the FIR.

The FIR said that the disciple gave various advice to the victim in order to help him, but since there was no improvement in the family issues, it led to an argument between the disciple and the victim.

“According to the victim, the godfather then intervened and told the victim that he would visit her home and give a solution to all her problems. However, the godfather had put a condition that no male member was present at home at the time of their visit,” a police officer said.

He added: “On September 26, 2020, the godfather came to the victim’s home and was also carrying a bag with him. He then asked the victim to collect all his gold ornaments from the hall of his apartment. The godfather then wrapped all the ornaments in a piece of cloth and cleverly replaced it with another piece of cloth.”

Said accused godfather had instructed the victim not to open said fabric for five years and left. “However, in December last year, when the victim opened the said cloth, she discovered that there was no ornament of her worth Rs 8.50 lakh and the cloth contained pieces of coal. Realizing she had been duped, she got a police complaint filed about it.

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Posted: Sunday April 24th 2022, 7:07 PM IST


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