Morrison’s rant against the ICAC needs a good fact-check


A proper assessment of Berejiklian’s experience of the ICAC does not provide any basis, as the Prime Minister claims, to retain a federal anti-corruption commission or design one that aims to prevent political corruption from being exposed, as the government would like.

Flaws in the government model first promised in December 2018 (and as currently known) include different treatment for law enforcement agencies compared to public sector entities, including politicians , which would be subject to a deliberately different and weaker mode of surveillance.

In the latter case, whistleblowers and the public would not be able to initiate a review of an investigation, an investigation could only be carried out if first a At first glance case of a listed criminal offense had been established (but not all corruption is criminal), no public hearing could be conducted, no finding of corruption or criticism could be made and no report could be made. be made public. The public would only hear about it if the Commonwealth DPP sued.


As Bridget Archer said, speaking in favor of the model put forward by independent Helen Haines, and supported by the opposition: “There is a place for politics… but on something so important. that trust in the elect – that’s not it. “


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