Museveni orders RDCS to file individual district reports



President Yoweri Museveni has asked Resident District Commissioners (DRCs) to file individual rot statements within their respective deployment districts.

According to the Minister of the Presidency, Milly Babalanda, the directive, which is immediate, mainly targets what she described as DRCs who have slept on the job.

“I am also pleased that the President has required DRCs/RCCs who were sleeping on their jobs to make individual statements explaining the rot in service delivery in their districts,” she said, noting that the corrupt and sloths will not be entertained.

Minister of State for Ethics and Integrity Rose Lilly Akello delivered Babalanda’s speech at the closing of a week-long retreat for RDCs at the National Leadership Institute (NALI) in the district of Kyankwanzi over the weekend.

Babalanda also said she would not protect any DRC who engages in corruption, especially those who solicit bribes from entrepreneurs and investors.

Poor service delivery

According to Babalanda, the rotten local governments and poor service delivery are partly blamed on lazy DRCs who do not exercise their mandate. The Minister of the Presidency also warned that the gap between district police commanders and RDCs was widening, a trend that was affecting the operations of RDCs in their respective districts.

“Please note that anyone we catch in the act of involvement in such corrupt tendencies will be prosecuted in the anti-corruption courts.” The idea of ​​saying that if we denounce you, we defame the presidency, will no longer count. The president recently demanded to report all executives who seek bribes from investors. Surely you are also “leaders” and you will be charged by the anti-corruption court,” she explained.

“Going forward, I cannot entertain corrupt and lazy RDCs/RCCs and MPs who want to use ‘powerful politicians’ to pressure me into making decisions and actions in their favour.” I also want to appeal to those leaders who protect and defend these corrupt people. DRC and RCC without even bothering to understand their problems, that they can sometimes be seen as collaborators in these crimes,” she added.

At the same ceremony, the Vice President, Jessica Alupo, also instructed the DRCs to file monthly reports on corruption in the districts, noting that embezzlement “aggravated the national debt”. because it is the biggest cancer that is eating up our country,” she said.

“Corruption and embezzlement are the big leaks that increase the national debt, trapping us in the cycle of continuous borrowing,” she explained.

The DRCs speak out

Speaking at the closing ceremony, the Dean of Resident District Commissioners (DRC), Justine Mbabazi (Wakiso), said: Similar in nature are hosted in neighboring countries, facilitation is handled by the host country.

The RDCs also denounced the legal battles which they say have derailed their work.

“We have observed that in the course of performing the duties of RDCs/Resident City Commissioners (RCCs) under your direction, some RDCs find themselves embroiled in legal dilemmas that consume time and resources, but they deal with them on their own , without any support from the office.” “It is our humble plea that if a RDC/RCC is dragged into court while implementing a presidential directive, such RDC/RCC be supported by the office to get through the legal battle,” she said.

Mbabazi also said that in the short time they have served, the RDCs have realized that the government is losing a lot of money to corrupt contractors who collude with technical staff in line ministries to frustrate projects. projects.


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