OC Power Authority CEO accuses board members of corruption


The head of the Orange County Power Authority (OCPA) has accused Huntington Beach councilmen Mike Posey and Dan Kalmick of bribery and open meeting law violations.

Brian Probolsky, CEO of OCPA, alleges that “Posey and Kalmick conspired to create a common scheme and plan to insert Kalmick on the board of OCPA, fire CEO Brian Probolsky, and hire Posey to serve of ‘business manager’ – a position not authorized or created by the other members of the Board,” according to a letter leaked to The Epoch Times on May 31.

The letter, signed by Probolsky’s attorney, Megan Lencek, was sent to OCPA General Counsel Ryan Baron, the Orange County Attorney, the State Attorney General and the Division of enforcement of the State’s Fair Political Practices Commission. Probolsky asked for whistleblower protection.

OCPA board member Susan Sonne reportedly told CFO Tiffany Law a few days ago in a phone call, saying “there will be a special meeting, there are votes to fire Brian [Probolsky]bring in Marin management and hire new [e]executives,” according to the letter.

Posey denied the allegations. Kalmick confirmed that the OCPA received the letter on May 31, but declined to comment, saying he was still awaiting a response from OCPA’s attorney.

Probolsky also alleged a violation of Brown’s Law occurred during a May 17 Huntington Beach City Council meeting when Posey resigned his seat as the city’s representative on the board of directors. OCPA, as it ends at the end of this year.

The city council named alternate city representative Kalmick as his replacement, then installed Posey as the city’s alternate.

The Brown Law violation occurred, Probolsky alleges, when the city scheduled the move as a “reappointment” rather than a replacement.

“The city has not only misled the public, but also lacks legal authority under the Brown Act…because no reappointment of a former board member has taken place. “, says the letter.

A second violation of the Brown Law occurred, the letter says, in May 2022 when Kalmick called other members of the OCPA Board of Directors asking for their assistance in removing “the existing management of agency, including CEO Brian Probolsky”.

Posey denied the allegations, saying “there is no such thing as a ‘business manager’ position or whatever you want to call it,” Posey told The Epoch Times.

“This position does not exist. I offered to help as a board member or alternate to assist large clients and help business development managers with their approach. »

He also questioned why the letter didn’t include his resignation letter, which is why he quit.

“The simple fact is that although the seat is for four years, I am kicked out of the city council at the end of this year,” he said. And for me, I didn’t think it would be good for an unelected [to represent] the city on the Orange County Power Authority for two years after I was gone. So that was really the impetus for my resignation, and I did that and suggested that Dan [Kalmick]take my place since he was the alternate, and the council accepted.

Posey said he had no intention of being reinstated as an alternate, but Councilor Kim Carr suggested it at the meeting to ensure “continuity of service” on the board.


Brad Jones is an award-winning journalist based in Southern California.


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