The desire of many consumers is to take advantage of a savings bank loan without Credit Bureau. Not because the savings bank offers particularly good loan offers. Rather, it is because many consumers have been with the Sparkasse for a very long time and therefore have a special relationship with the bank.

Savings Bank Loan without Credit Bureau – is it?

Savings Bank Loan without Credit Bureau - is it?

The Sparkasse is not necessarily known for lending money lightly. It presents itself more conservatively. And that also with the granting of loans. You should not expect a savings bank loan without Credit Bureau.

Such loan applications are rejected or provided with the comment that an optimization must urgently take place in advance so that the loan can be met. The behavior of the Sparkasse on this issue is not unusual.

A negative Credit Bureau always means that there are debts or receipts that can not or could not be settled in a regular way. The economic situation of the prospect is therefore not optimal enough to allow lending.

Too high would be the risk of default on the loan, as it always has to be expected that the loan is not served on time. The bank does not want to take this risk and therefore always rejects lending.

Savings Banks Credit without Credit Bureau – optimizations

But this rejection does not automatically mean that no savings bank loan can be used at all. The financial institution is so accommodating and grants the savings banks credit without Credit Bureau, if the conditions for it are optimized. Since the creditor can change little of his negative Credit Bureau, he should get a solvent partner to his side. A solvent partner is characterized by a positive Credit Bureau and in the best case by a decent credit rating.

For this, the income would have to fit. He should also be close to the actual borrower. Because he vouches for him. For married borrowers, the Sparkasse will always ask for the spouse first. This has practical as well as safety-related reasons. If no spouse is available, another family member or friend may act as a credit partner.

It is important that the affected person is aware of which task they are taking on. The partner should therefore only be called in if the loan is really necessary and can be repaid under the given conditions.



The inclusion of a savings bank loan without Credit Bureau is relatively easy. Since one most likely wants to take up the loan with the own savings bank and not with a savings bank in another city, one can choose between an admission on the Internet or locally.

On site, a personal conversation can be held. This may be important for those who are not so familiar with the borrowing process. Everything may seem more comfortable on the internet. In addition, the loan can also be applied for on a weekend.

It is therefore not dependent on the opening hours of the bank and also requires no date for consultation. Concerning the cost and the conditions for the savings bank credit without Credit Bureau it makes no difference where this is taken up. Because the conditions are the same on the internet as on the ground.

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