Seeking legal advice, will go to court against LG, says AAP


Allegations and counter-allegations related to Lieutenant Governor Vinai Kumar Saxena’s tenure at the Khadi Village Industries Commission (KVIC) continued to fly here on Friday.

AAP alleged that Mr. Saxena, while president of KVIC, violated the rules by awarding a contract to design a Khadi lounge to his daughter Shivangi Saxena.

The party also brought money laundering allegations against the LG.

“Helped save money”

While the AAP called for a Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) investigation into allegations of corruption and nepotism against the LG, Raj Niwas said the involvement of Mr Saxena’s daughter had in fact led to saving money for the treasury.

Relations between the state government and LG soured after Mr Saxena in July recommended a CBI investigation into alleged irregularities in the now Delhi government’s 2021-22 excise policy. withdrawn.

Meanwhile, the city’s BJP leaders said they had secured a meeting with the president and were going to demand the removal of the Delhi government for corruption and “killing democracy”.

“How can the president give the contract to his own daughter when he holds a constitutional position? The LG has openly violated the KVIC Act of 1961. The Aam Aadmi party is preparing to go to court over this,” AAP MP Rajya Sabha Sanjay Singh said at a press conference here on Friday.

“LG, while being chairman of KVIC, first laundered black money and then awarded the contract to his daughter. We welcomed the investigation against MP CM Manish Sisodia. Why shouldn’t VK Saxena scams be investigated? said Mr. Singh.

Mr Singh demanded that the LG be asked to resign from his post until the alleged corruption case against him is concluded.

Reply from Raj Niwa

Responding to the allegations, Raj Niwas took to Twitter to say, “Mr. Sanjay Singh, let it be known that Hon. LG, as Chairman of KVIC, asked his daughter, an interior designer, to design the Mumbai Khadi Lounge for free (pro bono). Contrary to your statement, no tender was issued for the design and the contract was not awarded to anyone, rather KVIC saved money.

The Raj Niwas also released a letter from the KVIC stating that the total cost of carrying out the project for his Mumbai saloon was ₹27.3 lakh, which was contrary to the “bogus figures touted” by executives of ” a political party”.


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