South Africa: Zuma granted adjournment of fraud and corruption trial to next month


Former jailed president Jacob Zuma was linked to Estcourt prison via Microsoft Teams when Judge Piet Koen issued a ruling on Tuesday to bring the fraud and corruption case to the High Court in Pietermaritzburg on Tuesday.

Judge Piet Koen has agreed to postpone the Arms Accord corruption trial, which Zuma’s legal team argued for on Monday.

Without providing reasons for his decision, Koen said the case was adjourned August 10-13, for Zuma’s special plea hearing.

Zuma heard the decision via audio link from the Estcourt Correctional Center.

During Tuesday morning’s brief virtual session, Koen told parties at the start that the prison’s audio link had encountered technical difficulties. Only Zuma’s audio link was working while the judge read his orders.

Koen’s directive that proceedings continue virtually, however, stands, although he allowed the parties to submit their reasons for and against it in writing, meaning he is still open to a change in the law. directive.

“The parties and the correctional services are each invited to provide a list, in point form, and not exceeding two typewritten double-spaced pages, of any considerations and / or prejudices which could arise therefrom and which they deem relevant to. ..


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