Supporting law enforcement means holding bad cops accountable


Stop bailing out bad cops with the unconstitutional rule of qualified immunity. If our policymakers want to protect our constitutional rights, they need to end qualified immunity so bad cops can be held accountable – without getting a get out of jail card.

Supporting our law enforcement means holding bad cops accountable rather than giving them qualified immunity. The doctrine created by the court allows bad cops to endanger the public and their fellow officers with reckless policing tactics without fear of consequences.

It’s time to end qualified immunity so victims of police brutality can seek justice in court and hold bad cops accountable so good cops can continue to protect and serve our streets. Keeping our communities and law enforcement safe means finally getting bad cops out of the police force.

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Americans deserve a justice system that actually does justice, not a system that denies a civilian’s right to be tried when their safety has been threatened by a bad cop. There is no justice with the legal vacuum of qualified immunity.

Russ Ziegler, Downers Grove

Fucking the idea of ​​a golf course in Lake Michigan

I completely agree with your editorial regarding the South Side Golf Course offered by Tiger Woods. It shouldn’t just be pulled off the table, but sunk deep into nearby Lake Michigan. It seems to be just the idea of ​​big money interests, which seem to have too much influence on the Chicago Park District – which also seems to be a “handler” when it comes to big projects and big money, instead of protecting the parks for the benefit and enjoyment of the people.

However, one fact really caught my eye: Hundreds of trees were removed from Jackson Park for the Obama Presidential Center. Assuming he’s an environmentalist, why would he agree with the park district? And why would the district even consider destroying the South Shore Nature Sanctuary?

Mario Caruso, Lincoln Square

Where are all the statues?

The latest absurd debate that has caught the attention of Chicagoans concerns the removal of unwanted statures that clutter the city’s landscape.

For starters, all remnants of Christopher Columbus must go, along with any that have anything to do with the Civil War or slavery.

Then, any connection between the city government and corruption – it will eliminate a whole community of personalities from the cement.

Finally, a crusade is brewing to bring down images of Native Americans as menacing savages, particularly warriors on horseback wielding bows, arrows and spears.

By process of elimination, this means that Chicago ends up with an Ernie Banks pigeon-stained bronze and a strange monument to members of an obscure syndicate.

A tribute to a big city, huh?

Bob Ory, Elgin


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