Tanzania: President Samia Suluhu Hassan has ordered an investigation into shoddy projects


PRESIDENT Samia Suluhu Hassan has ordered anti-corruption agencies on the mainland and Zanzibar to probe for flaws in development projects, as documented in the 2022 Uhuru Torch Race report.

The Head of State instructed the Prevention and Combating of Corruption Bureau (PCCB) and the Zanzibar Anti-Corruption and Economic Crimes Authority (ZAECA), respectively in mainland China and Zanzibar, to put officials on trial.

This year, Uhuru Torch inspected, launched and laid foundation stones for 1,293 projects worth 650.8 billion/- on the mainland and Zanzibar, some of them with various shortfalls including the misuse of funds, corruption, mismanagement and lack of value for money. .

The projects in question are in various sectors such as finance, investment, water, education, health, infrastructure, agriculture, industries, investment, fisheries and livestock.

More so, the torch revealed a number of irregularities including the misappropriation of funds of 12.8 billion/- in 65 projects which were implemented in 43 councils across the country.

Due to the anomalies found, President Samia has instructed the Tanzania Mainland and Zanzibar anti-corruption offices to act accordingly and ensure that those implicated in their findings face legal action.

Speaking at the climax of this year’s Uhuru Torch race yesterday at Kaitaba Stadium in Bukoba Municipality, Kagera Region, President Samia expressed the government’s determination to fight corruption and the misuse of public funds.

This is part of efforts to improve good governance, the effective implementation of development projects, with the aim of ensuring the achievement of sustainable development.

“We must continue to take bold steps to fight corruption and ensure value for money in all development projects that are implemented. I request PCCB and ZAECA to work on all projects that do not were not inaugurated during the race for various reasons,” she added. order.

President Samia also expressed concern about the presence of officials unable to oversee development projects in their areas of administration.

“It is disappointing to hear that the weaknesses of the projects were not spotted by the officials and leaders of the respective councils until the arrival of the Uhuru Torch Race,” she said. , calling on government leaders to ensure they oversee all projects. and ensure value for money.

According to her, it is high time that all members of the public service work in accordance with the rules, laws and guidelines to ensure that the country achieves the desired goals.

“We must maintain the status the country achieved in the recent International Transparency Law report released in January 2022 which shows that Tanzania is among the best countries in Africa in the fight against corruption,” he said. she noted.

In another development, President Samia spoke about the initiatives the government has taken to ensure the availability of sufficient food in the country.

She said the government’s decision to increase the budget for the agricultural sector is proof of its initiative to ensure sufficient food stock throughout the year.

The increase in the agriculture budget is also intended to subsidize fertilizers, set up irrigation systems and conduct research on modern seeds that guarantee huge harvests,” she explained.

In the 2022/23 financial year, the government has increased the budget for agriculture to 954 billion/- from the 294 billion/- allocated in the previous financial year.

The Head of State also reminded young Tanzanians to avoid engaging in risky behaviors to protect themselves from drug addiction and sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) such as HIV/AIDS.

According to her, drug addiction has a negative impact on the country’s economy as the government ends up losing huge sums of money and human resources that could be used in productive activities.

Earlier, the 2022 Uhuru Torch race leader, Mr. Sahili Geraruma, hailed the implementation of water projects in the country, resulting in reliable water supply in rural and urban areas.

He also called for compliance with the rules, principles of construction of civil engineering, including respect for value for money in each project implemented.


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