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August 19, 2022

Judicial monitoring

Judicial Oversight Victory: Court Rejects Biden DOJ Efforts to Keep Trump Warrant Affidavit Completely Sealed
Whistleblower: Hundreds of Afghans on published US terrorism watch list

Judicial Oversight Victory: Court Rejects Biden DOJ Efforts to Keep Trump Warrant Affidavit Completely Sealed

We are aggressively fighting the Department of Justice to find out everything details of the unprecedented Aug. 8, 2022 raid on former President Trump’s home.

In a vindication of our efforts, Magistrate Judge Bruce Reinhart issued a ruling that rejected the Justice Department’s brazen play to keep the document secret in its entirety. The Biden administration’s unprecedented and abusive raid on Trump’s home has created a crisis in the rule of law that can only be mitigated through transparency and accountability. We’re glad Americans are getting more of both with today’s court ruling, believing that at least some additional information about this horrific raid should be released.

Magistrate Reinhart had convened a hearing in West Palm Beach, Florida, at which James Moon of the Meland Budwick, PA law firm in Miami argued on our behalf. After the hearing, the court issued an order which stated:

As I ruled from the bench at the end of the hearing, I conclude that, on the current record, the government has failed to meet its burden of demonstrating that the entire affidavit should remain sealed. IT IS ORDERED that by noon EST Thursday, August 25, 2022, the government file under seal its proposed deletions together with a legal memorandum setting out the rationale for the proposed deletions.

The court also ordered the disclosure of other documents relating to the warrant.

Here’s what led to this decision.

On August 9, we filed a motion asking the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of Florida to unseal the search warrant documents used by the FBI to search President Trump’s home in Mar-a-Lago, Florida (United States against sealed search warrant (Case No. 9:22-mj-08332)).

On August 11, the DOJ filed a motion proposing to unseal certain warrant documents.

On August 12, we filed President Trump’s public statement with the court, in which he made it clear that he would not object to the release of documents related to the raid. Later that day, the DOJ released some of the documents from the Trump raid warrant.

Initially, the Albany Time Union and the New York Times joined us in requesting the unsealing of the mandate by filing an amicus letter and a motion respectively. Other interests later joined the effort.

Magistrate Reinhart ordered the Justice Department to respond by August 15 to our request to unseal the warrant and documents supporting the FBI raid. In its filing, the Justice Department alleged that releasing the affidavit would “cause significant and irreparable damage” to its ongoing criminal investigation.

On August 17, we submitted our response to the DOJ’s efforts to keep sealed the affidavit used to substantiate the raid.

Biden administration’s ‘criminal investigation’ conceals odors of corruption and dishonesty – and is based on a reinvention of the Presidential Records Act that contradicts the US Constitution, court rulings, federal laws and past government legal positions and practices. No administration should be able to raid the home of a former president and a putative presidential candidate for “secret” reasons.

We are pleased that our legal pressures forced the partial release of the warrant documents. The U.S. Constitution and federal law give President Trump the irreversible power to take on any files he wishes at the end of his presidency. The Biden administration’s dishonest portrayal of President Trump’s personal files it illegally seized during the raid as “classified” is further evidence that the raid was a brazen act of gross political abuse.

The battle for transparency and accountability will continue and will require hard work from your legal team at Judicial Watch. If this current crisis doesn’t convince you of the need for a Judicial Watch, I don’t know what will! I encourage you to join our cause and support our work directly here. In the meantime, we’ll keep you updated on the latest developments in the Biden administration’s attack on President Trump and the rule of law.

Whistleblower: Hundreds of Afghans on published US terrorism watch list

Our southern border is not our only security vulnerability. The Biden administration is also abdicating its duty to protect America when it comes to policing so-called refugees from Afghanistan. According to a Department of Defense whistleblower, political appointees in the national security bureaucracy are the problem. Our Chronicles of Corruption blog reports.

Hundreds of unvetted Afghan refugees released into the United States by the Biden administration are on a Department of Defense (DOD) watch list of suspected and known terrorists, according to a Pentagon whistleblower. The database is known as the Biometrically Enabled Watchlist (BEWL) and identifies individuals whose unique physical characteristics have been flagged by analysts as threats to national security. Some 324 Afghan evacuees who appear in the system have been released to the United States, the DOD whistleblower said. The information has sparked outrage from some members of Congress who say known terrorist suspects were allowed into the United States last year “after the administration’s botched withdrawal from Afghanistan”.

At least two US senators are demanding an immediate investigation by the DOD Inspector General. In a letter to the Pentagon watchdog, lawmakers Josh Hawley of Missouri and Ron Johnson of Wisconsin write that whistleblower information could show the Biden administration’s failure to vet evacuees from Afghanistan was even worse than the public was led to believe. The whistleblower also alleges that National Security Council (NSC) and DOD appointees instructed agency personnel to take shortcuts when processing evacuees in Afghanistan and at staging bases in Europe, write the lawmakers. Rather than administering fingerprint tests on all ten fingers, staff were told to abbreviate the tests to aid the hasty evacuation from Afghanistan. “Finally, it is alleged that Department of Homeland Security (DHS) personnel who work to vetting Afghan evacuees have been authorized to delete old biometric data, whenever they personally believe such information is outdated,” write the senators. “This is a troubling development that could threaten national security and public safety.”

Lawmakers want DOD IG to investigate the number of BEWL matches generated by biometric submissions of Afghan evacuees, how many of those people were denied entry to the United States, how many were admitted, and how many are currently in the country. They also want to know the number of BEWL matches generated by evacuees after arriving in the United States and what steps were taken to identify, screen and deport those who were on the watch list or if the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI ) investigated. any of them. The investigation must also reveal whether any political appointees at the NSC or DOD instructed staff to administer abbreviated fingerprint tests to Afghan evacuees, senators say, and under what conditions agency staff can remove biometric information. They specifically want to know if any biometric information associated with Afghan evacuees has been removed.

The worrying security flaws revealed by the whistleblower follow a federal audit confirming that dozens of Afghan refugees released to the United States have been flagged by the Pentagon for “potentially significant security concerns”. In this investigation, DOD IG found that the agency tasked with cleaning up Afghans through thorough background checks was not doing its job, creating serious national security concerns and undoubtedly threatening the safety of Americans. The agency is known as the National Counterterrorism Center (NCTC) and reports to the Office of the Director of National Intelligence (ODNI). It was launched in the aftermath of the 2001 terrorist attacks by consolidating information collected by the FBI, Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), DHS and DOD. In addition to missing significant DOD security concerns of at least 50 refugees, the nation’s top counterterrorism intelligence entity also failed to arrest at least four dozen Afghans with ‘derogatory information’. in their file, found the watchdog.

As part of the Biden administration’s Operation Allies Welcome (OAW), approximately 80,000 “displaced persons from Afghanistan” were admitted to the country on Special Immigrant Visas (SIVs) or humanitarian parole. The president ordered the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) to lead the chaotic Afghan resettlement plan, and the administration assured Americans that the refugees would be carefully selected. This did not materialize and for months the media exposed crimes including child molestation, assaults and domestic violence committed by Afghans housed in military bases across the United States.

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