Tunisia: civil society calls for judicial reforms and denounces smear campaigns against the CSM


Tunis / Tunisia – Seventeen organizations and associations active in the field of human rights have called on the Superior Council of the Judiciary (CSM) and the judiciary to carry out the necessary reforms in order to guarantee more speed in the treatment of major cases brought before Justice .

In a joint press release published on Thursday, the associations stress that the reforms must go in the direction of consolidating the role of the various control apparatuses, including the General Inspectorate at the Ministry of Justice. This is likely to ensure that all those suspected of judicial corruption are held accountable for their actions, according to the same source. The CSM is called upon to fully assume its role in this regard.

The signatories also claim the right of citizens, in general, to be informed of the outcome of matters affecting public opinion as well as of the progress of the reform of the sector.

They denounced the smear campaigns carried out on the pages of social networks targeting the president of the CSM and some of its members, with the aim of dissolving this constitutional authority.

While affirming their attachment to the Board, the signatories consider that the reform of this body is a vital issue in order to remedy the shortcomings observed in its composition, its mechanisms and its working methods.

They also consider that the legal decrees relating to the CSM do not have priority in this transitional period and compromise the independence of the judiciary, an achievement guaranteed by the constitution.

The declaration is signed by the Association of Tunisian Magistrates, the Tunisian League for Human Rights, the National Union of Tunisian Journalists, Lawyers Without Borders, the Organization against Torture in Tunisia, the Transition Support Center democracy and human rights, Yakadha for democracy and the civic state and the Tunisian Association for the Defense of Individual Freedoms.


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