Udupi: Corruption in the sand app: “Eat and give us too” offers


Daijiworld Media Network – Udupi (HB/EP)

Udupi, May 25: “The district administration is cheating by 30% using the Sand application. There is large-scale corruption in the sand trade within the boundaries of the CRZ. I openly question the district administration. The administration district and MPs had lobbied not to extract sand. But illegal sand extraction continues uninterrupted in the district. Thousands of loads of sand are stored illegally,” said Raghavendra, Secretary of the Association. Katpady truck owners.

Speaking at a press conference held at Udupi Patrika Bhavan on Wednesday, May 25, he said the lives of ordinary people have taken to the streets due to the ban on sand mining. “The resumption of CRZ sand mining is uncertain in the future. The former Deputy Commissioner used to raid sand dens at night. But there is no action these days against illegal mining and it is thriving in many places. Officials should go out at night and stop the illegal trade,” he said.

“Department of Mines officers support sand companies by asking them to win and give them some of it. They deprive the government of several lakes of royalty. I will sit down to protest in front of the district administration office if this continues,” he said.

“A private channel had broadcast a program on illegal sand extraction. It was alleged that a senior officer in the Department of Mines demanded and extorted a bribe of Rs 20 lacs to Rs 30 lacs. Let officials clarify if they have evidence,” he said.

“As there is a possibility of violation of law, dereliction of duty and irregularities regarding sand mining, from 2020 to 2022, a team of senior officials should be formed and detailed investigations should be carried out. As the Corruption against department officials is likely to come to light in investigations, strict action must be taken against officials, including Sandeep GU, if found guilty and they must be remanded in custody,” he said. -he declares.

Legal campaigns and mass protests will be organized based on the opinion of association members if the incidents are ignored,” Raghavendra warned.

Chandra Poojary, President, Ramesh Shetty, Ashok Kulal, Navin Palan and Nagaraj Shetty were present.


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