US should cooperate with China to track down escaped criminals: FM


Photo by Zhao Lijian: VCG

The United States should correct its wrongdoing and actively cooperate with China to track down escaped criminals and recover bribes, and should not make itself a “safe haven” for criminals, the Chinese ministry said on Friday. of Foreign Affairs (FM), in response to allegations by US officials that some US residents have been forced to return to China as part of the anti-corruption campaign “Operation Fox Hunt”.

During a regular press briefing on Friday, FM spokesman Zhao Lijian said China strongly opposes US defamation and slander against China’s work in finding criminals and recovering criminals. bribes.

“China conducts law enforcement cooperation on the basis of international law. We also fully respect foreign laws and judicial sovereignty, and protect the legal rights of criminal suspects, ”Zhao said.

Zhao also pointed out that the United States has the highest number of Chinese suspected of corruption and economic crime.
“In recent years, the United States has responded negatively to China’s requests for cooperation in tracking down escaped criminals, which not only violates the spirit of the United Nations Convention against Transnational Organized Crime and the United Nations Convention. against corruption, but also violates public commitments. the United States has done it several times, ”Zhao noted.

A Chinese prosecutor, a former detective sergeant with the New York City Police Department and seven others were “charged on Thursday with charges relating to a brazen campaign to hunt down and harass American residents” with the aim of force escaped suspects to return to China, CNBC reported.


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