World Bank adopts FIDIC Emerald Book for all underground works contracts


The international federation of engineering FIDIC (International Federation of Consulting Engineers) has broadened the scope of its 2019 agreement with the World Bank that allows the bank to adopt the use of six FIDIC standard contracts through 2024 to include now the FIDIC-ITA Emerald Book form of contract for excavation and underground works.

FIDIC has extended the terms of its license agreement with the World Bank dated February 6, 2019 to allow the international funding body to now use the Emerald Book contract for all underground works contracts for projects. financed by the World Bank, for which calls for tenders are published on the bank’s website no later than December 31, 2024.

FIDIC and the World Bank have also agreed that the 2019 Underground Works Contract Conditions (Emerald Book) will be used as part of the Bank’s standard tender documents for World Bank-financed projects. until December 31, 2024. The bank already has a license to refer to six major FIDIC contracts for the projects they finance and these mainly include the FIDIC contracts of the second edition 2017, which cover a wide range of works international construction and infrastructure.

Commenting on the extension of its agreement with the World Bank to now include the Emerald Book, FIDIC Managing Director Dr Nelson Ogunshakin said: “I am delighted that the World Bank has chosen to adopt the use of the emerald book and include it in its standard. tender documents. The Emerald Book addresses several critical areas that are expected to lead to better contract performance in the growing tunneling and underground works industry and the bank’s decision will help enforce respect and authority from the industry. engineering and tunnel construction and will further emphasize the fact that both customers and contractors can use this contract with confidence.

FIDIC hopes that the use of the Emerald Book on World Bank-funded projects will herald a new approach for hydropower projects involving tunneling and underground work. Large infrastructure projects, including hydropower and dams, are notorious for cost overruns and delays, especially projects with large underground works where the risks are high. The FIDIC-ITA Emerald Book is based on the principles of risk sharing and was developed through a joint initiative between FIDIC and the International Association of Tunnels and Underground Space based on many years of experience.

Commenting on the World Bank’s decision to adopt the contract, Professor Jenny Yan, President of the International Tunnels and Underground Association, said: “We at ITA welcome the Bank’s decision. global use of advanced and proven contractual mechanisms to address the risks associated with underground construction. more fairly and efficiently. The Emerald Book will make dam projects with large elements of underground work more efficient to deliver and thereby support global sustainable hydropower initiatives. ”

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